s l i p w i r e

This is the project homepage for slipwire, which started off as a basic filesystem integrity application and has evolved into, well, a more complicated filesystem integrity application.

The original intent was to implement functions similar to the commercial Tripwire project, hence my not-so-clever name. I was gratified, however, to see someone from tripwire.com checking out my little app after I originally released it on freshmeat.

Project Status
Most of the stuff in sourceforge has been set up, I think. Creation of this page was the last big task, and the current tarball needs to be shoved into CVS. In the meanwhile, the last non-sourceforge release (version 1.4) can be gotten here, towards the bottom of the page.

Possible Enhancements
These are in no particular order, and may not even be feasible, but what the hell:
  • Fixing the DBM size restriction
  • Making the code a bit more object-oriented
  • Rewriting the thing in C (it's currently implemented in perl)
  • Making the periodic checks a daemon process, running at unpredictable intervals
  • ...and whatever else people want
Questions, etc, can be directed to me, and I'll respond as soon as I can.